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Dental Bridges for Hillsborough, New Jersey

What is a bridge?

When one or more teeth are missing, an option to replace those teeth is to create a bridge which is a single replacement tooth or row of replacement teeth with crowns anchoring the bridge at both ends, either over natural teeth or dental implants. The anchoring teeth must be healthy and strong to support a bridge. Likewise, dental implants are only possible if there is sufficient bone structure to support the artificial root. Fixed bridges are a non-removable tooth replacement option which is an advantage for those who do not want to wear removable partial dentures. Dental bridges have a long history of success and with proper home care and maintenance, offer a solution that can last for your lifetime.

What are the benefits of this service? With crown and bridge techniques, we can restore and help you maintain a functional bite, prevent extra stress on other teeth, stop further decay and enhance the appearance of your smile. Made from natural-looking materials, our crowns and bridges will not only restore your health, but they’ll boost your confidence, too!

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