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Dubitsky Family Dental: A Family Dental Practice for Central New Jersey

Ours really is a family dental practice. Not only do we serve families, but we are family! Dr. Heather Dubitsky-Timchak started her career at her father’s dental practice over a decade ago and then in 2011, she purchased his practice and assumed the new name, Dubitsky Family Dental. Today, Dr. Heather and Dr. Paul work together to make sure that our patients have access to a variety of dental care treatments, a caring team, modern technology and a comfortable atmosphere. Dubitsky Family Dental serves the Hillsborough area with preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental care, as well as a level of service that will leave you feeling amazed.

Long Term Oral Health

Your teeth should last a lifetime.  For this to happen there are two primary factors:

1. Controlling oral bacteria

Bacteria in your mouth can cause gum disease (gingivitis) and bone disease (periodontal disease), as well as tooth decay (cavities).  Our doctors and hygienists take great care to work together with you to make sure all surfaces are both clean and free of defects.  Oral problems caused by bacteria often do NOT hurt until later stages, when the condition is more serious.  For this reason, it is very important for you to have regular dental visits so we can detect any damaging changes and then intervene before pain begins.

2. Controlling excessive stresses placed on the TMJ jaw structure

If a bite is not in harmony with the jaw joints and muscles, problems such as worn teeth, broken teeth, loose teeth, tooth sensitivity, muscle soreness, headaches and facial pain can occur.  Without identifying and eliminating the source of these negative stresses on your TMJ system, tooth problems and symptoms WILL become more serious over time.  By completing a thorough oral and TMJ examination, we try to resolve these issues before they advance to a more serious condition.

Comfortable Environment

Patients like our philosophy and technology, but they love our comforts.  We have televisions in all of the operatories, iPods with headphones, plush leather chairs to make you feel more at home, as well as coffee, tea and water available in the waiting area is so desired.  Because our office is family-oriented, we go above and beyond to make sure you get completely comfortable service at each and every visit with us.

To make an appointment with us, contact our Hillsborough office. We’re centrally located to serve several central New Jersey communities and beyond. With flexible payment options and a wide range of available hours, including evenings and some Saturdays, Dubitsky Family Dental is completely focused on making dental care easy, affordable and convenient for you and your family.

Experience the Pinnacle of Dental Care at Dubitsky Family Dental

The dentists at Dubitsky Family Dental in Hillsborough offer far more than basic dental checkups. Our philosophy is based on the belief that doing things well and right the first time will lead to long-lasting and comfortable results for excellent oral health.  Dr. Heather strongly believes that taking the time to prevent problems is far more effective and less expensive than waiting until issues are complex before providing solutions. Our philosophy is very similar to that of an osteopathic physician; instead of seeking to treat disease, we strive to provide care to healthy individuals to keep them from experiencing disease in the first place. By taking this modern approach to wellness, Dr. Heather and her team at Dubitsky Family Dental lead you and your family in the direction of a lifetime of oral health.

The dental care services we offer include:

Of course, you may not know what you need to look, feel and be your best – but that’s what we are  here for! During your first visit to our office in Hillsborough, we’ll walk you through every aspect of your oral health. We’ll look for signs of any decay, gum disease, tooth infection, occlusal disease as well as perform routine screenings for oral cancer and TMJ disorders. Using digital extraoral and intraoral photos and digital X-rays, we will show you the current state of your mouth, helping you understand what we’re seeing when we look at your smile. We will then provide our recommendations for how to bring about the best in your overall health, wellbeing and appearance.

Family Dental Care for Everyone

Our dental care services include children’s dentistry, which means that you can bring all of your loved ones to Dubitsky Family Dental. Beyond providing care for the very young members of your family, we also offer complete restorative dentistry so that patients who may have experienced years of wear and tear on their smiles can find the care that they need to return to good health and complete function.

Would you like to experience the holistic dental care offered at Dubitsky Family Dental? Contact us to make an appointment. Located in Hillsborough, New Jersey, we serve the central New Jersey area, including Manville, Somerville, and Branchburg and beyond. We offer flexible hours, a variety of payment options, and a warm, inviting atmosphere to make your dental care as stress free as possible.

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