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Digital Imaging

“Paperless” Office

Our focus is to eliminate physical charts. By saving your complete health record as an electronic chart, we can access any information about you and your past, present and planned dental treatment with just a few quick keystrokes. And with your chart available electronically, your information can be reviewed by our doctors at any time. Also, should other medical or dental specialists need to be involved in your care, your electronic chart can be securely e-mailed instantly. This allows communication between our doctors and the specialists more effective and efficient.

Digital X-rays

Here at Dubitsky Family Dental, we use Dexis Platinum Digital X-ray System. The Dexis system allows us to use a state-of-the-art sensor that is shaped with rounded corners to fit comfortably in your mouth. Not only is this sensor more comfortable, but it allows the X-rays to be displayed on a chairside monitor almost instantly, which means no waiting for images to be printed and no need for paper waste. Another added benefit of digital X-rays is the reduction in the amount of potentially harmful radiation- up to 90% less compared to the traditional method of processed X-rays on film.  Also, digital X-rays allows us to easily store and archive your radiographic images in your electronic chart and transfer them more efficiently to another medical or dental specialist if necessary.

Digital Photographs

Many of our procedures use digital photography (both extraoral and intraoral) to help with accurate diagnosing and treatment planning. They are also a tool for our doctors to use when we thoroughly explain all of our treatment recommendations and why we believe you will benefit from them. In addition, these images can be sent electronically to our top quality dental labs to give the dental technician more visual information about you so the most natural looking restorations can be custom-made for your mouth. Finally, in the unfortunate event of an accident or injury, digital photos can be referenced to help us restore your teeth to their original appearance, if so desired.

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