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Tooth-colored Fillings in Hillsborough, New Jersey

Every day you brush and floss your teeth. Every six months you schedule a dental checkup with Dr. Heather Dubitsky-Timchak at Dubitsky Family Dental in Hillsborough, NJ. And now, despite your best efforts and our very best efforts, you have a cavity. Well, take heart, because rare is the person who goes through life without a single cavity. (Although if you know this person, please introduce us!) And you can take comfort in knowing that repairing a cavity no longer means having a dark and unsightly amalgam filling that tarnishes your smile. Today, we can use tooth-colored fillings.

Tooth-colored fillings are made of a mixture of composite resin materials, which can be blended to exactly match the color of your existing tooth. No one but you and Dr. Dubitsky will ever know you’ve had a cavity filled. Moreover, the “ingredients” in composite resin materials have been strengthened by manufacturers over the years, so your new filling will be strong and extremely durable.

From the vantage point of conservative dentistry—a theory we follow that advocates preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible—tooth colored fillings offer yet another advantage. A filling made of composite resin materials necessitates less tooth preparation before the cavity is filled. In layman’s terms that means there’s less drilling.

Finally, tooth-colored fillings do not contain any metals that may cause sensitivity or toxicity. Although there is no reliable research that demonstrates a verifiable risk of having mercury as a component of an amalgam filling, many people do have metal sensitivities. These, of course, are not triggered by tooth-colored fillings.

Contact Dubitsky Family Dental if you’d like to learn more about tooth-colored fillings, or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you have a happy and healthy smile!

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